The significance of latex toys for children's development
  • 8th March 2024
  • by heins
Children always have a great passion for toys, toys become an important part of the child's development process, can bring the child's ability to improve and intimate company, for children to create wonderful memories and times. At the same time, the material conditions are greatly satisfied today, children have a very large number of toys, in peacetime, if the children put forward the purchase of toys, parents will generally meet. Many toys carry interesting stories about getting along with children. It can be seen that toys are a very special existence for children and an important part of their lives.
Tips for identifying authentic 100% natural latex toys
  • 7th March 2024
  • by heins
Toys are our children can not or lack of daily necessities, its quality is directly related to the health of the child. Because latex toys have natural environmental protection materials, no formaldehyde, good elasticity, good support, good air permeability, no noise, no vibration characteristics, and deeply loved by the majority of consumers. However, at present, the quality of latex toys on the market is different, difficult to distinguish between true and false, mixed, some consumers may spend a lot of money to buy a fake, not only bear economic losses, but also may bear the loss of health. To this end, this cultural relic will introduce you a simple way to identify the authenticity of natural latex toys, and hope to help you.
What are the green benefits of teether?
  • 6th March 2024
  • by heins
When the baby teething will always want to bite something, then, this time you need to buy dental glue. What are the benefits of teether? 1. Relieve teething discomfort When your baby starts teething, the gums will be very uncomfortable and will not adapt to the growth process of the teeth. When the baby's gums itch, the use of dental glue can play a grinding role, so that the baby's gum discomfort can be relieved.
100% Wood toy car making method
  • 4th March 2024
  • by heins
The first step: First make the design shape of the car. The picture below is the design of the car body. If you right-click and save this picture, it should be printed to scale. The car is six inches long and just over two inches tall.
On October 20th, 2022 news
  • 1st March 2024
  • by heins
On October 20th, 2022, The company has ushered in the 5-year working journey, and the company has given great recognition and affirmed and appreciated the work attitude of the two employees. In these 5 years
Why do babies need 100% baby teethers?
  • 29th February 2024
  • by heins
Baby to the teething stage, the gums will produce pain or itching and other discomfort, in order to help the baby through the teething period, some mothers will choose to use children's dental glue for the baby, but some mothers have little knowledge of dental glue, or even have never heard of it, so what are the effects of baby grinding glue?